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#1 in Augmented Analytics

Gartner awarded Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery with the highest score based on real world use cases provided by Einstein Analytics Plus

Einstein Analytics Platform

Unlock the value of Artificial Intelligence through custom recommendations and predictions.

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Supercharge Salesforce Einstein Discovery

Drive profitability and unlock meaningful insights in making the most of your organization's data.

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Clear Insights, Clear Action

Discover clear signals through AI and enable them to solve the most complex challenges.

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Einstein in Action

Utilize these insights with actionable next steps all without leaving Salesforce Einstein.


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Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder

Fuel your sales team’s efficiency by proactively identifying those most (and least) likely to convert to a sale. With powerful scoring capabilities within both the lead and opportunity level, your sales organization can spend their time where it matters most.

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Artificial Intelligence, Unlocked

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Experts in Salesforce Einstein Implementation

Edison & Black is an expert Salesforce Einstein Partner specializing in Einstein implementation and Artificial Intelligence solutions. With a team of certified Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultants, we provide best-in-class Einstein implementation services. Make the most of your sales organization through Einstein Discovery, Prediction Builder, and Next Best Action.

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Unleash Einstein's Next Best Action

Arm your sales team with valuable insights and clear next steps with AI-enabled recommendations. Salesforce Einstein Next Best Action leverages data to determine what activities will most-likely take an opportunity to close. Achieve greater levels of productivity by eliminating activities not conducive conversion.

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Clear Next Steps

Get the right message to the right prospect at the right stage in the user journey. Unlock the power of Salesforce Einstein Next Best Action. Create and show personalized offers and activities for your clients that are customized to meet your sales team’s needs. Build up a technique that applies your business rationale to refine those suggestions. Derive key ideas that will best position your team to succeed by knowing what actions will best lead to opportunities closed.

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Actionable Insights

With Einstein Next Best Action you can provide users with the ideas and information needed to tip the scale of operational excellence by delivering crucial, data-based actions that are proven to succeed. Get the most out of your data based on existing Salesforce records and obtain clear, actionable next steps based on whatever activities will achieve your sales goals.

Realize the Power of Machine Learning

Score leads and opportunities like never before with personalized actions based on historical customer and prospect data.

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Edison & Black Customer Reviews 

Hear directly from our clients on how Einstein helped them achieve their Salesforce goals.

Iridium Labs
Salesforce Einstein Analytics and Discovery (CRM)

“Edison & Black’s Einstein implementation capabilities were and continue to offer exactly what we were hoping for and then some. The impact on our Sales team’s performance was beyond our expectations."

Fully Based in the United States

New York City • Los Angeles • Austin

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Alex McKenna
Vice President, Sales at TriSystems

“Implementing Einstein gave us tools we didn’t know we needed to challenge our assumptions in unlocking peak performance.”

New York, NY: Five Stars
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Einstein Use Cases

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Einstein for Sales Cloud

Edison & Black delivers the most intelligent Einstein implementation solutions designed to make the most of Salesforce Sales Cloud by way of artificial intelligence and next generation analytics. Lever up your Sales Cloud with Einstein.

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Einstein Marketing Cloud

Unlock key marketing insights by way of Einstein for Marketing Cloud that allow you to reach the right potential clients & customers with the most relevant communication at the most crucial moments throughout the sales cycle.

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Einstein for Service Cloud

Engage with customers with greater personalization and deliver more seamless customer experiences with Einstein for Service Cloud. Edison & Black enables clients to deliver outstanding user experiences design to delight end customers.

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Salesforce Einstein: A New Level Of Intelligence For Sales

Edison & Black provides Salesforce Einstein consulting and implementation services designed to help our clients make the most of their Salesforce.

What’s New with Salesforce Einstein?

Einstein Bots: As soon as they’re created, Salesforce bots — often referred to as Customer Service bots — are able to access the Salesforce Intelligent Customer Service system to execute the requested task. This integration helps Salesforce deliver an unprecedented level of personalization and automation that enables brands to deliver better customer service and enhance the customer experience. Einstein Brains: In March, Salesforce officially unveiled Einstein, the most advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology for Salesforce, with the goal of creating a new era of intelligent customer service. Salesforce's research team built this technology using state-of-the-art deep learning AI technology, which was trained using insights from over 300 million customer interactions.

What is Salesforce Einstein?

The term artificial intelligence is often used to describe technologies that make use of machine learning and pattern recognition to make sense of customer behavior. Machine learning (ML) is a form of AI that learns from data, gets better at it over time and eventually, begins to make sense of new data it gets. When ML is used to identify correlations between pieces of data, it is called "pattern recognition." If one piece of data is not like another, it is unlikely to be useful in a predictive role. Machine learning is used to personalize and optimize the customer experience, adjust the capacity of a business to handle peak periods of volume and to automate actions.

What Salesforce Einstein Brings To The Table

Salesforce has been building out its product offerings in the past couple of years, rolling out Analytics and Einstein last year and leaving in the dust the old Microsoft Dynamics technology that was formerly a core component of many sales teams. With the company's last product update in March 2017, Analytics, they announced that they would be adding capabilities for machine learning as well. At the time, with the introduction of Einstein, it was not yet clear whether this would be an integral component of the system or just a cute way to try to position as a more data-driven company. The addition of Einstein has a couple of significant benefits: Integration: Sales Cloud Einstein capabilities should become a core component of the Salesforce.

What Salesforce Einstein Can Do For Your Business

Analytics are the new operating system for Salesforce. With the upcoming release of Salesforce Einstein, marketers can now better identify customers, take action on the information and data that is collected, and increase their level of customer engagement. In 2017, Salesforce Einstein will be the main focus for Salesforce. If you’re not familiar with Salesforce, the Salesforce platform provides the tools for businesses to collaborate and manage their information as well as to enhance business performance. Salesforce Einstein, a series of AI technologies that will be introduced later this year, will greatly enhance customer engagement, product delivery, and lead generation. Basically, Salesforce Einstein is about more than CRM.


Salesforce Einstein may be the most talked about cloud solution in years. Salesforce Einstein extends Salesforce's already strong platform and continues to make it smarter. It is integrating with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Lightning, and Salesforce Communities. Salesforce Einstein provides a powerful base for advanced technologies in the marketing, customer service, and sales arenas. Because of the close coupling of Salesforce Einstein and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, in particular, Salesforce Einstein has the potential to disrupt numerous industries.