UiPath Consulting & Implementation

Edison & Black Provides UiPath Consulting & Implementation Services Leveraging Deep RPA Expertise

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Gartner's #1 in RPA

Gartner has awarded the top position to UiPath in the 2019 Magic Quadrant for Robotic Process Automation Software

Jonathan K.
Los Angeles
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Director, Customer Engagement & Sales

“Edison & Black's RPA Experience is unmatched. Their UiPath consulting expertise saved us thousands of hours in our UiPath implementation. "

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UiPath Studio Consulting

Using UiPath Studio, we design automation processes you can visualize.

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UiPath Orchestrator Experts

Monitor, launch, and control your UiPath robots from anywhere with UiPath Orchestrator.

As leading UiPath partners, Edison & Black provides world class UiPath and RPA consulting expertise.

UiPath Robots Consulting

We help our partners be able to effortlessly execute processes created in Studio.

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UiPath Customer Reviews 

Hear what actual UiPath customers are saying.

Energias de Portugal
UiPath Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

“The time savings have been huge. Automating just this one process helped us save 100-200 hours per year"

Pure UiPath, Pure RPA 

RPA Strategy & Implementation

Our team focuses on understanding our client’s organizational initiatives by applying our industry agnostic RPA expertise in being prescriptive in our solutions. With combined decades of RPA -- we deliver both faster and smarter.

Ongoing Optimization & Support

We deliver cost-cutting solutions through ongoing RPA optimization and support that increase throughput and eliminates error-prone processes to improve our partners’ operational efficiency. Our ongoing support helps our clients’ expand their virtual workforce with improved quality.

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Meet the UiPath Experts

Let us learn more about your UiPath & RPA objectives and one of our experts will quickly respond with next steps.

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