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Mia Fischer 6th April 2021

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Edison & Black has once again emerged as a top Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant of 2021. As a leading Salesforce consultancy, Edison & Black has expanded its nonprofit practice substantially investing in top Salesforce talent.

Why You Need a Top Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant

The top Salesforce consultancy company, Edison & Black, once again emerged as a top Salesforce consultancy of the year, despite facing competition from some big brands. They worked hard to boost Salesforce adoption for the nonprofits in the US and around the world. They worked with many of the biggest nonprofits, and offer comprehensive services to clients to help with implementing the Salesforce platform to enhance revenue and profit. The below are the top reasons you need to hire a top Salesforce nonprofit consultant for your NGO. You Need to Integrate Your Nonprofit with Salesforce To Grow Your Organisation If you are looking to integrate your nonprofit or non-profit with Salesforce, you need a top Salesforce consultant who is an expert in the Salesforce platform.

Why Edison & Black?

Edison & Black helps Salesforce startups and Nonprofits with Salesforce technology. Salesforce software can help Nonprofits: Increase impact by using targeted fundraising tools Minimize fraud Support volunteer programs Embrace cloud computing for operational simplicity Maximize organizational efficiency with CRM software Easily scale using Salesforce self service, mobile and big data Clearly define metrics and track financial progress Gain visibility into transactions and processes Hire an exceptional salesforce development team With the growing adoption of technology by nonprofits and Salesforce, the Salesforce consulting field is growing by leaps and bounds. Salesforce is one of the most popular SaaS software platforms in the world.

What does a Top Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant do?

Edison & Black's Salesforce Consulting team are recognized as top Salesforce consultants based on actual customer experience, number of clients and proven success rate. Some of the consulting services offered by our consultants include: Salesforce Implementation and Training Salesforce Application Development Salesforce Application Monitoring Support and Services Partner Education Salesforce CPO Certification What's different about an Edison & Black Consulting Team? Edison & Black's consultants are all top Salesforce consultants with an industry-recognized certification. They have demonstrated success over the years and have the desire to share it with others in the nonprofit sector.

Why do nonprofits need a Top Salesforce Nonprofit Consultant?

To be clear, Edison & Black is a for profit firm and makes its money from consulting fees. Edison & Black believes that, as a Salesforce consultancy, consulting sales account for about 20% of its revenue and is the key source of income to cover business expenses and to fund its charitable endeavours. As a Salesforce consultancy, the business model is a highly profitable and healthy one. Edison & Black has enjoyed substantial and rapid revenue growth in recent years, but it has also seen the number of consultants increase significantly. We can confidently say that Edison & Black is the number one Salesforce consultancy because our consultants are among the best in the world at what they do and because we have always sought the best Salesforce experts to join our team.


It's difficult to argue with Edison & Black's track record of client satisfaction and success. By executing client demand and projects with exceptional planning, coordination, and execution, Edison & Black has continuously garnered national acclaim for its Salesforce expertise. About Edison & Black: Edison & Black is a leading salesforce consulting firm. By leveraging its expertise and business acumen, the firm provides solutions for organizations looking to dramatically accelerate their non-profit success using Salesforce technology. For more information, please visit https://www.edisonblack.com.

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